How to find good accommodations at an affordable price in London

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Anyone who lives or intends to move to London, be it for business or personal reasons, experiencing difficulty in finding decent housing at affordable price. London is literally crowded and this further complicates things. There is no doubt that prices in London are high, but it is possible to find something at a reasonable price, as long as you are willing to do a little research. For starters say to as many as possible people that you are looking for housing, since many of the best seats are occupied or bought, even before they are advertised. If you are moving out from previous rented house, better use the services of end of tenancy cleaning East London, for example, depends of the area where you live. (For more information about SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning visit their blog)


An important condition when choosing a home searching for housing as close to your workplace. To an hour trip each way is acceptable, more than that, however, would wear you out and hardly once you get home from work you will have a desire for anything. With some exceptions, more remote from the center housing are cheaper, but you risk traveling longer to work, which in turn will lead to increased costs your time. The properties in North and West London cost more than those in the south or east. Note that when you begin to look for housing. Another important detail is safety – the northern parts of the British capital and suburbs are quite densely populated and not very reliable, as opposed to central areas for example.

London suburbs

Unless you find work provided with lodging, rental housing in central London is not an option. One bedroom apartment in Kensington or Chelsea could cost you thousands of pounds a week. Some areas in West London, as Shepard’s Bush, Hammersmith and Acton are popular among seasonal workers who are the most frequent tenants of housing in these parts. There is full of pubs and restaurants offering pensions to their employees. Housing in the south and east traditionally cheaper. Transport services in Brixton and Camberwell are well developed and is easy to reach the city center. Shoreditch, East London, also has its advantages. The area is modern and is known for its rich Image of London suburbnightlife. Stoke Newington, in the northern part is a mixed area with many different communities. Clapton, and Hackney Downs are also good options if you are looking for something cheap.

Renting a room

Sharing a common housing or rental of only one room of a house is a very popular choice among new arrivals in London. Once you have identified a number of suitable locations and you have decided that you are willing to share a room with another person, check sites like Gumtree or Zoopla availability.Both sites are free and best deals do not stay for long. If you can afford a small registration fee, log on to the websites of Easy Roommate and FlatmateClick – there is also a choice.

Be prepared for any interview and to pay a rent deposit plus your portion of the monthly rent.



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