Mess, Clutter, Dirt and Anxiety – How the End of Tenancy Cleaners Saved My Life

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The moving


When I moved in this rented house few years ago, I was in the seventh heaven. I finally was at the stage of my life I have always dreamt of. I had a job, a boyfriend, a nice lifestyle, a supporting family, frequent travels and lovely home in the center of London. Everything was just going according to the plan. Everything was just alright. I was happier than ever and life had never seemed so Image of movingshiny and satisfying before. The joy in my heart made me blind and I was signing those papers for a home for rent without thinking about anything else. After all it would have been our home – the place we share and create memories in. It was all good then and it is all good now, as well, with the only exception that we had to move out soon, to find a new house, to pass the inspection, get the security deposit back and survive. And this part could have been ok, as well, if this rented house was well-maintained and in a perfect condition. But this was not the case. When one entered that home of ours, he could see a mess and that’s it.

No organization


Clothes all over the place, books on piles on the floor and magazines on various spots. Frames with no photos and photos with no frames. No order and no organization. It was our place, but it was a total and uncorrectable mess. We had never decluttered and in the five years we had spent in the house, we had skipped five spring cleaning and hadn’t completed even one simple clean-up. The situation was horrendous and I was at the edge of a mental brake-down. The fairytale I lived in was about to get a very unhappy ending and only a magician, wizard or ghost could save me. In the modern ages, I later realized, the real power and true magic was hidden in the professional cleaners’ hands. What they performed is unforgettable and the way they changed my life is something I still admire. What they deliver is not a simple cleaning. What they deserve is the entire gratitude on Earth.

Their Preparation


Obviously, one of the main reasons behind the total mess of our house was the lack of organization and preparation. And the team that arrived at our house was just the opposite. They knew what the condition of the house was and they knew which part would take them most time, so theyplanned everything, didn’t lose even a second and achieved greatness with elegance.

Their Expertness


They are skillful and experienced. They are specialized in this type of cleaning and they are doing it just right. No place is left unclean. No stain can be seen. The dust is removed and so are the dirt, the grease, the grime. The condition of the house was drastically improved and the results were absolutely satisfying.

In this presentation you can see more about the spring cleaning.


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