• The House of a Traveler

    Just For Fun
    You have felt the adrenalin of leaving your home and going away. You have lost the ground beneath your feet and you have found comfort in flying and being lost. The brutality of the unknown, the fear of the homelessness, the joy of meeting new people, the harm of feeling the nostalgia, fashion-hat-straw-hatthe happiness of sightseeing, the fascination of exploring, the turbulence, the trains, the cars, the lifts, the planes, the photo boots, the museums and the galleries, the backpacks, the take away coffee, the tickets, the photos. You know all of these. You love them and you want to bring them at home. And even if you are not doing it aimfully, you are doing it unconsciously and your house has its own soul and spirit, which are reflection of you and your endless adventures. But what are the features of the traveler’s house and why is it that charming? When you are abroad that often, you are bringing numerous bits and pieces back with you. And as they are random for the country you got it from, they are much more interesting for you and for the people who would visit your house. That hookah from Egypt, the French coffee press, the Italian pasta making machine, the shells from shores from all over the world, the London tea, the Belgian, Swiss and German chocolate, they are just amazing and they are making your house amazing, as well. But in addition, there are the photos. You don’t have a photo with in front of the Eifel Tower only, which is so commercial and somehow mediocre. You have photos with camels, with people all around the world, with small houses and big architectural monuments, with endless beaches and picturesque mountains. Spread them around and desire.
  • The Affordable Decorations that Would Give Your Kitchen a Soul

    You have just moved in your new house, rented or not, and you are unpacking stuff and rearranging everything. And then you go into the kitchen, which is perfectly furnished, clean and organized, but seem empty and boring. You have unpacked the plates and the utensils. You have put the pans and the pots into the cupboards. You have done everything you could, you believe, but this pla8430530241_e536403bafce lacks spirit and seems incomplete and repulsive. But what now? If you have bought this house, you have made an incredibly big investment and you don’t want to further spend much. And if you have rented it, you don’t really believe that investing in a house you will leave after some time is worthy. And this vicious circle brings you back to the start. You don’t know what to do and where to start from, but you surely know that your house and especially your kitchen needs an improvement and some care. And it deserves it. You deserve it. cause tomorrow morning when you wake up and make your cup of coffee, you need to feel cozy and comfy in this place. You need to feel at home. The Mugs They are super cheap and affordable and moreover they are super easy to find. Go to one of the many interior design shops and you will instantly fall in love with at least half of the mugs there. Buy the absolute favorites and make sure that you won’t be one of those boring people who have six absolutely identical cups or mugs. Be creative. Have one for every mood and every person in the house. Then when you go back home, choose the very best and arrange them nicely somewhere in the kitchen. They will be lovely as decoration and will be very useful to grab whenever you want a cup of coffee or tea. The Props What I am talking about are all those incredibly beautiful and unique plates, glasses, cups, bowls or just props that you see in the food photography. They are not just things to eat from. They are little pieces of art and make bring the spirit needed for your kitchen. Don’t follow the norm. Don’t buy these which everybody choses, but get those that you fall in love with. And never end up having white or black ones only. They are boring and they won’t make you feel nice later. The Creative Bit Every kitchen needs something it can stand out with and even if you are living in a rented house, please, don’t deprive your kitchen of it. And what should it be? Whatever you like and you feel it fits. It can be an antique – the old clock of your grand-grand-parents’ house that stopped working ages ago, but you just got fixed; that cookie book that you find at a flea market in Germany that brings the sensation of something old and something valuable. Keep it.
  • Mess, Clutter, Dirt and Anxiety – How the End of Tenancy Cleaners Saved My Life

    When I moved in this rented house few years ago, I was in the seventh heaven. I finally was at the stage of my life I have always dreamt of. I had a job, a boyfriend, a nice lifestyle, a supporting family, frequent travels and lovely home in the center of London. Everything was just going according to the plan. Everything was just alright. I was happier than ever and life had never seemed so shiny and satisfying before.spring-flowers-110671_960_720 The joy in my heart made me blind and I was signing those papers for a home for rent without thinking about anything else. After all it would have been our home – the place we share and create memories in. It was all good then and it is all good now, as well, with the only exception that we had to move out soon, to find a new house, to pass the inspection, get the security deposit back and survive. And this part could have been ok, as well, if this rented house was well-maintained and in a perfect condition. But this was not the case. When one entered that home of ours, he could see a mess and that’s it. Clothes all over the place, books on piles on the floor and magazines on various spots. Frames with no photos and photos with no frames. No order and no organization. It was our place, but it was a total and uncorrectable mess. We had never decluttered and in the five years we had spent in the house, we had skipped five spring cleaning and hadn’t completed even one simple clean-up.

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